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Sunday, May 28, 2017

2016 Pay Scales Now Available!

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Life Insurance...For Civilian Personnels

Avoid These Common Insurance Mistakes

    :Protect Your Family from these Common Life Insurance Mistakes

    • Failing to Regulary Review Your Life Coverage
    • Postponing Life Insurance Purchases
    • Buying the Wrong Kind of Insurance
    • Buying Too Little or Too Much
    • Failure to Consider Insuring Your Spouse and/or Children  

Using our unique screens and powerful search engine, you can simultaneously search by one or all of these criteria: occupation, pay, location, agency, area of consideration or keyword.

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Do you want the 'BIG' picture on federal hiring without running complex searches?  Simply open a report by State, Occupation or Agency to view daily and weekly job postings.

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Federal Job Winner's Tips Series
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This is our series of small but powerful booklets designed to help you find and win the federal job you want. Known collectively as the FEDERAL JOB WINNER'S TIPS, the books are written for both the first-time federal job hunter and the career government employee.

Tip # 1 How to Start Your Job Search
Tip # 2 How To Select Your Occupation
Tip # 3 How to Prepare Your Application
Tip # 4 How to Interview for Job Openings
Tip # 5 How to Change Careers Within Government

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The KSA Workbook
Your Guide to Writing Government Essays

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What is a KSA?  Knowledge, Skills and Abilities ... that list of special qualifications and personal attributes that someone has decided you should have in order to fill a particular job. 

When required, KSAs are the single most important aspect of your federal application and our KSA Workbook will help you understand and craft job-winning KSAs. 

The KSA Sampler
Your Guide to Writing Government Essays

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Not sure what a KSA looks long they should be...what writing style is used. Then take your KSA writing a step further - our KSA Sampler is loaded with over 75 sample KSA responses to help you avoid "writer's block" and prepare clear and concise KSA statements.

Review our sample KSAs and identify those that, with the substitution of a few keywords, are similar to KSAs you might encounter when applying for federal jobs.

Resume Conversion ...
Private-Sector to Federal-Style

Learn more

Are you using your private-sector resume to apply for federal jobs? If you answered yes, let our experienced Federal Resume Writers help you tackle these issues by converting your private-sector resume into a 'job winning' federal-style resume, in both a presentation and on-line format.   

I cannot thank you enough for the extra-ordinary service I have experienced working with FRS. Applying for federal jobs can be a nightmare (preparing resumes, KSAs and the application process) if one does not have the value added service and guidance that is provided by FRS.

- E. L., Fairfax VA

I got the perfect job and your site is out of this world, thank you so much !!!!!

R.B. Little Rock, AR

FedJobs Testimonials 
from our satisfied customers:

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Your website is truly amazing! Not only was it easy to understand, with information written in plain English, but the numerous publications and resources you have available make it truly unique.

-B.S. Arlington, TX








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